Looking to own a luxury car Choose From a Wide Range of Škoda

Škoda is the pure definition of perfection, elite and comfort. Škoda, the German carmaker prides itself in keeping things simple hence the tagline ‘Simply Clever'.

When you need a car that is reliable and still speaks volumes, look no further than Škoda. The German engineering behind these cars is a synonym for reliability. It is well known for building elegant sedans and now they have come up with a wide range of compact SUV cars.

Škoda cars are simple and sleek!
So, are you looking forward to owning a Škoda?

Choose from a wide range of Škoda’s stylish cars to provide you with comfort and utmost safety for a luxurious ownership experience.



Škoda’s newly launched premium SUV, Kushaq utilizing a beautiful presence is complemented with unique smart features. Škoda Kushaq looks beautiful from the front and bigger, providing sufficient space inside. The exterior is full of cuts & creases, while the headlights have crystalline elements with daytime running lights and LED stripes that stand out nicely against the unmistakable ŠKODA signature grille.

As soon as you step inside the Škoda Kushaq, the feeling of comfort engulfs you. This car has an astounding touchscreen infotainment display design measuring up to 10 inches. The seats too are nicely designed with front seats providing plenty of under-thigh aid and generous bolstering.

The boot space of Škoda Kushaq has a capacity of 385 litres which can fit four-cabin bags inside easily; good enough for a weekend getaway.

Škoda ensures the safety of your loved ones!



Škoda Octavia has been setting benchmarks since 2001. The new Škoda Octavia symbolises smart imagination and combines strength & sensibility with never-seen-before features. Škoda Octavia offers an aesthetic fusion of safety & practicality with a design that comprises dynamic features such as a signature front grille and arrow-shaped headlights giving the car a glorious & sleek look. A more sophisticated touch is added to the car now with new sharper adaptive bi-LED headlamps. This car is equipped with a variety of safety features such as 8 airbags, a multi-collision brake and an IBUZZ fatigue alert making the driving experience safer for the driver in case of a collision.

The Škoda Octavia has enough legroom and headroom with a multi-functional bespoke steering wheel that allows you to control the 10-inch infotainment system while on a long drive amidst picturesque roads making travelling more pleasant. What makes Škoda Octavia exciting is the boot space – 600 litres of capacity which can be increased to 1555 litres by folding down the rear seats.



Škoda Rapid is one of the most popular models among premium sedan buyers. The design is a blend of safety with comfort. The inclusion of advanced features in the new Škoda Rapid like the steering wheel & adjustable seats makes this car more in talks among all the driving enthusiasts. There is ample headroom and legroom in this car for both the front seaters as well as the rear seaters. The new Škoda Rapid consists of an 8-inch android based touchscreen infotainment system. This 5 seater car has a boot space of 494 litres which is good by segment standards. This car includes ABS and EBD with two airbags as well.

Škoda promises safety with Škoda Rapid’s notable features including automatic projector headlamps and rain-sensing wipers. The tilt & telescopic steering wheel and height-adjustable seats give drivers a comfortable driving position with a rear-view camera which helps in maintaining control & stability while reversing or parking their favourite Škoda.



The Škoda Superb is a mixture of beauty and functionality. The car is the pure symbol of style and space and it perfectly showcases the infamous Škoda tagline – ‘Simply Clever’. The exterior of the car has Sporty Glossy Black Elements with Stratos Anthracite alloy wheels. The interior has a super sporty steering wheel and an integrating headrest that gives this car a comfortable yet sporty feel.

The new Škoda Superb is installed with 8 airbags to help the driver and the passengers be safe at the time of the collision (if so it happens). Some of the other features include a Virtual Cockpit with a fully programmable instrument panel & a high-definition electronic display.

This car comes with an 8-inch infotainment system with a DAB radio and a standard Bluetooth system. Škoda Superb has a boot space of 625 litres providing enough room to carry a whopping 10 carry-on suitcases below the parcel shelf for your long staycation with the family.


Why Buy Škoda?

Škoda holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many as it has been known for its quality craftsmanship that caters both to comfort as well as performance needs while still maintaining elegant style and not to mention these cars are stunning to look at.

If you're looking for your next family car or just want something nice parked in your driveway then a Škoda car is your answer. Get in touch with us at Ring Road Škoda to choose from a wide range.

Post Date: 26-10-2021