Cars are one of India’s most essential modes of mobility. We use it for our routine travels like dropping off our children at school, travelling to work, attending business meetings, visiting our relatives and so on. It also allows us to reach our destination on time and with minimal fuss since we do not have to rely on public transportation. This is why it is critical to keep your vehicle in good working order since it ensures the safety and comfort of your loved ones. Regular car maintenance ensures that your vehicle remains in peak condition, lowering the likelihood of it breaking down or being involved in an accident.


Here are five reasons stating the importance of car maintenance:

1. Improve vehicle safety:  Routine car maintenance helps you prevent any major and minor safety issues that might occur while you’re on the road.  It eliminates the risk of dealing with a malfunctioning car at an inconvenient time, such as your car breaking down on an empty road far away from any towns or cities. Moreover, regular car inspections can also detect any potential problems before they emerge. It includes inspecting your car for problems such as a broken hose, loose belts or a malfunctioning battery and then replacing or fixing such broken or faulty parts. It also includes topping off the brake fluid, replacing the oil, changing the air filter and examining the spark plugs, tire pressure and so on. 


2. Maintain vehicle performance: Servicing your car at regular intervals not only ensures that your car runs smoothly but also provides better tyre traction, stable steering and reliable engine start. It also ensures that your car runs smoothly in the changing road conditions while allowing you to take full advantage of its many functions. Additionally, lack of proper automobile maintenance affects not just overall performance of your car but also its fuel efficiency. For example, spark plugs generate combustion power and when they fail, the car consumes more fuel to compensate for the loss of power. This leads to increased fuel use. 


3. Save time and money: A lack of regular maintenance puts the car engine and other components at a higher risk of developing serious defects over time. However, by routinely servicing your car, you not only avoid these serious problems, but you also save a lot of money and time in the long run. For instance, keeping the engine oil at the recommended level ensures that the engine runs smoothly thereby avoiding any overheating issues. Similarly, maintaining recommended engine coolant levels ensures that the engine runs at a cool temperature which subsequently extends engine life. Furthermore, the cost of routine maintenance is comparatively cheaper than the cost of repairing a serious issue that might develop later.


4. Reduce fuel costs: Rising fuel costs are one of the most important and problematic issues faced by car owners on a daily basis. Fortunately enough there is a way to save money on fuel by simply servicing your car regularly as it improves your fuel economy. For instance if your vehicle is in good condition and maintained properly then it will give you more mileage per gallon, which means greater savings. Simply changing your oil, coolant, radiator fluid and other vital fluids on a regular basis will improve your vehicle’s fuel economy thereby providing you with greater mileage.


5. Protect the environment: A poorly maintained car releases a lot of harmful emissions into the air, causing air pollution that is hazardous to both your health and the environment. A regular car service will lessen the load on your engine by monitoring and adjusting the tire pressure as needed which will significantly minimise the amount of exhaust gases released by the vehicle. Other automobile issues that contribute to pollution can also be easily prevented through regular car maintenance since maintaining your car not only enhances its safety and functionality, but also helps the environment a great deal. 


It is very important to tune-up your car on a regular basis since it gives you the peace of mind to travel whenever and wherever you want. It not only ensures the safety of you and your family but also that of others on the road. Ring Road Škoda is also an amazing service centre which provides quick and hassle-free service experience. Furthermore, our Škoda SuperCare Program offers superior service care packages for your complete peace of mind. You can also buy the Škoda Maintenance Packages which allows you to lock in costs with authorised repair at Ring Road Škoda. 


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