Safety is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a four-wheeler in India. With rising public awareness on automobile safety, people are now looking towards major organizations like Global NCAP in order to compare various vehicle’s safety levels. 

Global New Car Assessment Programme or Global NCAP is one of the most important safety standards for automobiles all over the world. It developed a five-star safety rating system in order to make it easier for the common public to compare vehicles and identify the safest option for their needs. Global NCAP designs and conducts a variety of tests and evaluations in order to determine the safety rating of a particular vehicle. 

It is important to note that Global NCAP recently revised its crash test parameters for vehicles sold in India in order to improve driving safety. The scope of this crash test has been expanded to incredible heights, with new elements factoring into overall scores. Surprisingly enough, only two vehicles went through this test recently and one of these vehicles is the new Škoda Kushaq

Some of the new protocols that Global NCAP has added for evaluating automobile safety include frontal and side impact protection Electronic Stability Control (ESC), pedestrian protection and side impact pole protection. Additionally, the vehicle was also tested at 

1. 50 kmph for the side barrier test

2. 64 kmph for the frontal offset barrier test

3. 29 kmph for the pole side impact test and

4. 40 kmph for the pedestrian child head-form to bonnet test 

Not only has the new Kushaq passed all of these tests with flying colours but it is also the first made-in-India car to score a perfect five star rating for both adult and child occupant protection. Since Kushaq went above and beyond to improve safety systems across all variants, Global NCAP also awarded the new Kushaq with extra credits. Some of the advanced safety features which contributed to its success include Pedestrian protection, a side head protection system, seat belt reminders, electronic stability control (ESC) and more.

Škoda Kushaq secured a score of 29.64 out of 34 for adult safety rating and 42 points out of 49 for child safety rating, putting both the scores at the top of the pile with a five star safety rating. Additionally, their body shell has been certified as stable and capable of withstanding additional loads.

Protecting our family and friends is very important, protecting them while travelling across long distances or amongst city traffic is even more important. Škoda Kushaq is the perfect vehicle to safeguard what matters to us more. With its extensive range of active and passive safety features the new Škoda Kushaq offers excellent levels of protection for all of its occupants. 

For instance, the passive safety elements in the Kushaq take over when the driver is unable to actively influence the outcome like airbags. The new Kushaq comes with three different kinds of airbags including the driver and passenger front airbags, the front side airbags and the curtain airbags. 

Other safety features include Hydraulic Diagonal Split Vacuum Assisted Braking System, Standard Roll-over Protection, Hill Hold Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Three-point seat belts at the front, Electronic Differential Lock System, Brake Disc Wiping, Engine immobilizer with floating code system, Rear Parking Sensors with a camera and so much more.  

Moreover, Škoda Kushaq offers top-tier safety features not only for its adult occupants but also for the children. One such important feature is the ISOFIX system which is the international standard for child car seat fittings.  It is very easy to use, especially when you’re pressed for time as it simply enables you to attach the ISOFIX child seat to the ISOFIX positions found in your car seats. In addition to that the child safety locks in the Kushaq prevents you children from accidentally opening the car door while it’s in motion. 

For more information on Kushaq’s advanced safety features, connect with Ring Road Škoda through our website. You can also book hassle-free test drives by simply calling us at +91-9289109511 or +91-9289109545 for Haryana and +91-9289109544 for New Delhi. 

Drive safe and secure with Škoda Kushaq!

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