It’s important to get your ŠKODA KODIAQ serviced on a regular basis to keep it in good condition and running smoothly. In addition, it helps maintain the vehicle’s performance, addresses safety concerns and ensures its longevity. You can rest assured that your car will always be in top condition and save money on future repairs.


In terms of a maintenance guide here are some tips which should be kept in mind-

1. Oil and filter change: 

ŠKODA recommends changing the oil and filter every 12 months or 10,000 kilometres whichever comes first. This will help to maintain the engine performance and efficiency of your ŠKODA KODIAQ, as well as prevent wear and tear on the engine components.

2. Brake inspection:
To ensure that your brakes are operating properly, regular inspections are essential. The brakes on your ŠKODA KODIAQ should be checked every 10,000 kilometres or every year.

3. Tyre rotation:
ŠKODA recommends rotating your tyres every 10,000 kilometres to ensure even wear & tear and extend the life of your KODIAQ’s tyres.

4. Air filter replacement:

ŠKODA recommends replacing the air filter every 20,000 kilometres to maintain engine performance and fuel efficiency of your KODIAQ.

5. Fluids check:

ŠKODA recommends checking the levels of your engine oils, coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer fluids every month.

6. Time belt replacement:
ŠKODA recommends replacing the timing belts every 120,000 kilometres to prevent engine damage.

7. Battery check:

You should have your KODIAQ’s battery checked by ŠKODA every 12 months to make sure it is working properly.

8. Suspension check:
To ensure that your vehicle’s suspension is operating properly, ŠKODA recommends to have your KODIAQ serviced every 20,000 kilometres.

9. Longer lifespan:

Regular maintenance of ŠKODA KODIAQ can help it last longer.

10. Improves safety:

Regular maintenance can ensure that your ŠKODA KODIAQ is safe to drive. Identifying any issues with your vehicle’s brakes, suspension, steering or other crucial components can either be fixed in advance or repaired.


You can rest assured that your ŠKODA KODIAQ is in top-notch condition and safe by adhering to these maintenance guidelines and scheduling routine maintenance and you can also avoid costly repairs down the road.

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