Škoda Kushaq is a premium five-seater SUV that provides first-class safety features to ensure that all of its passengers remain safe and secure during their journeys. It is equipped with the latest automobile technology such as the Electronic Stability control for a safe and convenient driving experience. Electronic Stability Control also known as ESC is an active safety feature that is found in the sophisticated Škoda Kushaq. It helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle especially when cornering, braking hard or performing a sudden manoeuvre. The ESC system manipulates individual wheel brakes and the engine throttle to keep the car from spinning out or barrelling into other vehicles. 


This active safety feature monitors the Kushaq’s steering, speed, throttle and rotation around the car’s vertical axis in order to detect any loss of stability. ESC uses its control unit to constantly compare this data and if the wheel speeds do not match then it reduces the power sent to the wheels in order to prevent skidding. It helps control both understeer and oversteer, allowing the car to regain its stability and continue with maximum traction from the tyres. In the event of a skid, the ESC can individually brake one or more wheels, allowing the driver to regain control of the vehicle quickly and efficiently. 


Electronic Stability Control is one important feature that is a must-have for our Indian roads which are often uneven and narrow. Furthermore, road conditions in India deteriorate during the monsoon and winter seasons, increasing the likelihood of your car skidding or crashing. This amazing safety feature is available with all the variants of the Škoda Kushaq. It also contributes to the Kushaq’s success in earning a five-star safety rating in the Global New Car Assessment Program or GNCAP. The new crash tests by GNCAP included ESC tests as one of the parameters and the Škoda Kushaq was the first vehicle to pass with flying colours under the new standards. 


One of the most important benefits of having ESC in your Škoda Kushaq include its supreme efficiency as it requires no human intervention. Electronic Stability Control activates automatically and applies brakes to individual wheels whenever necessary without any driver participation. It also prevents serious accidents by stopping the car from skidding and by preventing the driver from losing control, which could cause the car to roll over. Another important advantage to utilising the Electronic Stability Control include its secondary function as a driver assistance feature during  bad weather. For instance, if you’re driving on wet roads and lose control of your vehicle then ESC can help you regain vehicle stability quickly. ESC also aids in maintaining control of the Škoda Kushaq in an emergency especially when you try to steer or brake hard.


Škoda Kushaq is also equipped with passive safety features such as the six airbag system that takes over when the driver is unable to actively influence the outcome. It features three kinds of airbags including the driver & passenger front airbags, the front side airbags and the curtain airbags in order to protect its passengers from all sides. Other safety features in the Kushaq include Hill Hold Control, Multi-Collision Brake System, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Anti-Lock Braking System, ISOFIX, Rain-Sensing Wipers and more. 


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Keep calm and drive safely!

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